It is the primary concern of Glencoe Care Home to ensure that the quality of care provided to the service user is of the highest standard.

We have a holistic approach to care and look at the overall effect on the service users' health and well being any illness may have rather than only treating the illness.

The surroundings in which the service user lives will be clean, comfortable and safe at all times.

They will have their privacy and dignity preserved at all times and be treated with respect and sensitivity to all individual needs and abilities.

The service user will be encouraged to be as independent as they are able.

All members of staff working in this home have a duty to keep these considerations uppermost in their minds when carrying out any tasks.

Relatives and / or representatives will be kept informed of any changes that take place with the service user's care and / or health.

If at any time the service user or their family do not feel these values are being upheld, they are most welcome to discus their concerns with the Registered Manager and / or the Director, so that a satisfactory conclusion may be obtained.


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