Every individual resident at Glencoe will receive holistic nursing and social care appropriate to their needs, which will be delivered in a respectful manner with privacy and dignity maintained, ensuring that whenever possible choice is given and individuality is maintained.


Individual plans of care will be developed to ensure that care needs are identified and appropriate action taken for the well being of all residents. Residents and their representatives will be invited to partake in the development of these plans and their wishes will be uppermost in all decisions made.


The home will use the services of outside agencies where it is deemed necessary to ensure that all appropriate care and treatments are delivered. The home also has an agreement with one GP surgery, and we have a Doctor visit once a month to deal with routine issues and will see any of the residents who are registered with that surgery. There are other surgeries in the area whose Doctors will visit the home, but they do not do monthly routine visits.


The home ensures that it carries out regular reviews of the care being delivered and all care plans are updated a minimum of once a month, some may be reviewed more frequently if the care is changing.


All consultations with health care professionals, legal and financial advisors will be conducted in private and a nurse will only be present when required, i.e. to take instruction from the GP or if requested by the resident or their representative.


The home has achieved the nationally recognized Gold Standard Framework for end of life care which focuses on ensuring that wherever possible peoples needs and wishes are met and plans are put in place to anticipate the care that will be needed to prevent if possible unnecessary problems. The home will endeavour to support families and friends during this time and although separate accommodation can not be provided by the home, people are welcome to stay in the home and we will provide food and beverages where required.


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