Signing in Book

We operate a signing in book at Glencoe so that we can be sure of who is in the home at any time. We would appreciate your co-operation with this, as it is very important especially in the event of a fire. The book is situated in the main entrance hall and please do not forget to sign out again when you leave. It is however optional as to whether you sign in the service users name when you visit for reasons of confidentiality.

In the event of a fire

If you hear the fire bells sound (a shrill, loud continuous ring) then please stay where you are and a member of staff or the fire brigade will come and lead you to safety.

If the fire is in the immediate area if you are able then break the glass on the nearest fire call bell panel to sound the alarms. Every room and corridors are also fitted with very sensitive heat and / or smoke detectors and will raise the alarm very quickly.

oAll staff in the home receive regular fire training (during induction training and at no more than 6 monthly periods [night staff 3 monthly]) and are fully aware of the actions they need to take in the event of a fire.

oThe assembly point when the fire alarms sound is by the staff room at the bottom of the main stair case, and all service users and visitors to the home will be moved away from the fire beyond fire doors.

oAll fire detectors and equipment is checked weekly and monthly respectively by our Maintenance Person and any problems reported to the Health & Safety Representative and necessary action taken. We are also inspected by the Local Fire Brigade.

oWe have a strict Fire Policy and Procedure for prevention of fire and also for staff information as to what to do in the event of a Fire.

oWe would ask that all service users and visitors pay careful attention to fire prevention and ensure that no actions or omissions they may make would endanger the lives of every one in the home by risking starting a fire.

oWe also ask that visitors to the home make themselves aware of the fire evacuation procedures and follow these promptly in the event of the alarms sounding.

oWe are a non-smoking home now, but if a resident wishes to continue smoking then this needs to be discussed with the manager during your pre-admission assessment.

Health & Safety policies and procedures

The home has many health and safety policies and procedures in place to protect the service user, staff and visitors, all of which you are welcome to read whenever you wish, please see the manager and request any you wish to look at.


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