Daily life at Glencoe is relaxed and informal; residents are encouraged to set their own agendas for the day and to be supported by the staff where necessary. Getting up and going to bed is left up to choice if possible, although some patience may be required if staff cannot meet the exact time. Where people spend their time and what they do is their decision although advice may be offered by staff if there are any safety concerns.

At Glencoe we actively recognize the importance of people maintaining their interests and hobbies for as long as they are able and as such have an activities coordinator in place to assist people with remaining active and having interests. We also have organized activities taking place in the home and arrange an outing on a monthly basis to one of the local attractions or to go shopping and have a meal out. We encourage friends and relatives to join us for our activities and to assist us when we do go out.

We recognize the importance of meals and mealtimes and provide a varied and nutritious menu a copy of which is included in the brochure. Residents are encouraged to join with fellow residents to enjoy their meals in our bright and spacious dining room, alternatively if so choosing, meals can be served to residents rooms on attractively laid trays. We can accommodate a variety of diets at the home, and if you have any specialist dietary needs please discuss it during your pre-admission assessment. Food and beverages are available 24 hours a day.

The home would prefer not to handle the financial affairs of residents unless in exceptional circumstances and would actively encourage residents and their representatives to ensure that arrangements have been made with regards to financial matters.

This choice is left very much up to the individual service user and we try to oblige as close as is possible to their desired time. We do not wake anyone early in the morning to get up and if a service user is sleeping we will usually leave them until mid-morning before even waking them.

Going to bed, again this is very much the choice of the service user, no-one is expected to go to bed early, unless they request to and the normal times for settling people to bed is from 8.30 p.m. onwards.

We do ask for some patience from the service users, as you can imagine if all 20 service users wanted to get up / go to bed at the same time we would be performing some kind of juggling act which would compromise the care we give. However, we do our utmost to adhere to your requested times and if we are held up a little, service users will be informed of the impending delay.

At Glencoe we are very keen on keeping people active as much as they are able and wish to be. We employ an activities coordinator to organise and assist with recreational activities in the home. We try to organise outside entertainers to visit the home twice a month. These include singers, magicians, musicians, etc. We also have a monthly outing from the home, affectionately called "Glencoe on Tour" where we visit a local attraction, go shopping or go somewhere for a walk and always have either a picnic or meal out. Our activities coordinator also organises activities within the home, either as a group or for individual residents. We can use the services of a local wheelchair taxi, and people can go out with family and friends whenever they wish.

We employ the services of a hairdresser and chiropodist, as well as offering massage and manicure / pedicure. We have a daily newspaper delivery service and have dentists and opticians visiting the home as well. A leaflet of the complete range of "Extras" that we provide is available on request and indicates which need to be paid for.

We encourage family and friends to join us with our activities and outings which often make it more?enjoyable for our residents.?


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